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~Mario Lopkistergon 01/21/2004 06:39 PM
Domino Server All Releases Linux - RedHat

Does the SMTP debug parameters give the conversation the smtp task does -- including the check for the blacklist? I have seen a lot of Chris Linfoot postings but nothing in particular to the debug parameters on this topic.

I have 2 domino server (one static ip (production) and one dynamic ip (development) )running the blacklists. The development server does not have a problem and the production server is listing every email received by SMTP as a blacklisted site. (I am not rejecting yet.) My development (which has the secondary MX record) has no problems with the same domains that the production box marked as a potential blacklist member.

I was able to trace things down to the resolv.conf, but no matter what nameserver I use i am getting false reports on the production box.

I am using .

Any input/suggestions welcome.

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